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Recreate the brutal close quarter warfare with the Battle For The Hedgerows set!

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Ferocious and tenacious fighters, both the Allied and Axis forces fought tooth and nail to gain even a yard of ground within the dense undergrowth of the unforgiving Bocage country. Deploying a variety of tactics and holding nothing back, ambushes were all too common. Your enemy can appear at any point, around any corner, from any side, maybe you’ve already passed them…

This set contains:

Breakdown of units:

German Grenadiers

Contains 30 plastic figures

The German soldier was a formidable opponent in World War II. Tough, well-trained and politically indoctrinated they fought on all fronts achieving great feats of arms that only the best trained and motivated troops can accomplish. Daring in attack and stubborn in defence the average German Landser was a dangerous foe for the Allied armies to face.

Well led from the highest command right through to the infantry squad, the German soldier fought on against overwhelming odds right to the last days of the war, delivering punishing counterattacks when least expected.

US Infantry WWII American Gis

Contains 30 plastic figures

This box gives you a platoon of 30 tough, well-trained troops with enough firepower to successfully perform almost any task given to them.

American troops were after all aggressive, resourceful and supremely well-equipped…

Bocage Field Kit 6

This set, by itself, contains:

  • 1 extra long straight bocage sections
  • 1 extra long gated straight bocage section
  • 3 long straight bocage sections
  • 2 short walled bocage sections
  • 3 short straight bocage sections
  • 1 short barricaded bocage section
  • 2 corner bocage sections
  • 1 long shallow curve bocage
  • 1 short shallow curve bocage
  • 5 trees
  • 1 gate
  • 1 crow
  • 1 large bag of dark green foliage
  • 1 medium bag of medium green foliage
  • 1 small bag of mixed flowers foliage
  • 1 small bag of red berry foliage
  • 1 small bag of light green foliage
  • 1 small bag of dark green foliage
  • 1 small bag of 2mm static grass

Prepare for your D-Day:

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