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Anglo-Zulu War 1879, Black Powder

Black Powder: Rorke’s Drift!

Join the defenders at the Rorke’s Drift redoubt as the might of the Zulu nations descend on your position! FOR ONE WEEK ONLY To commemorate the anniversary of this incredible piece of history, we’re discounting the price of this fantastic set by 25%. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on this amazing box…

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Christmas Wishlist: Battle Sets

We’re taking a look at our epic battle sets. These fantastic sets are packed to the brim, allowing for fantastic wargames right out of the box. Wishlists Christmas is fast approaching. Our Warlord Webstore’s Wishlist feature is a highly convenient way of conveying to friends and family (or indeed Father Christmas) what you’ve got your…

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New: The Battle For Carentan

After the success of the Normandy landings, the US Airborne forces engage the German defenders inside the French city of Carentan, re-enact the same engagement with the Battle for Carentan set… View in Store The German Fallschirmjager and the US Airborne fight for control over the French city of Carentan. Veteran soldiers imbued with an…

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New: The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection

This is the ultimate Battle for Normandy collection, it is absolutely jam-packed and entirely dedicated to re-enacting the Normandy landings on your Bolt Action battlefield! 182 Infantry 14 weapon teams 3 vehicles plus defences to storm on your D-Day battlefield… View in Store The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces….