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Rules: Amphibious Assaults

Bolt Action writer Alessio Cavatore brings us the rules for staging beach landings in your games – perfect for Pacific themed battles as well as, of course, the D-Day landings. An over-the-beach assault is just about the worst way to enter combat, especially against an alerted enemy. The rise and fall of the surf is constantly…

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New: British Landing Craft Gun (large) Mk III

Bring your invasion fleet into shore under the ever watchful crew of the British Landing Craft Gun (large) Mk III this June…     The landing craft guns (large) (LCG(L)) was armed with two QF 4.7 inch guns manned by Royal Marine crew, Multiple Oerlikon 20 mm AA guns and 2-pounder pom-poms. These ships were…

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LCVP Machine Gun Crew + Flotilla

Out today to lend a little firepower to your invasion fleet are the LCVP Machine Gun Crew, plus single landing craft and even a flotilla! US LCVP Machine Gun Crew (x3 pairs) The .30cal was the mainstay MMG of the war and these fantastic new sculpts from the Warlord Studio wonderfully add an extra bit…

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New: The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection

This is the ultimate Battle for Normandy collection, it is absolutely jam-packed and entirely dedicated to re-enacting the Normandy landings on your Bolt Action battlefield! 182 Infantry 14 weapon teams 3 vehicles plus defences to storm on your D-Day battlefield… View in Store The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces….

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New: US Infantry WWII American Gis

One of our most popular plastic troop sets for Bolt action, the WWII American Gis, has received a long-awaited facelift. New dynamic poses, better-defined kit, and perhaps most importantly… a Bazooka! View in Store This box gives you a platoon of tough, well-trained troops with enough firepower to successfully perform almost any task given to them. American…

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