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New: US Infantry WWII American Gis

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WWII American GIs

One of our most popular plastic troop sets for Bolt action, the WWII American Gis, has received a long-awaited facelift. New dynamic poses, better-defined kit, and perhaps most importantly… a Bazooka!

US Infantry - WWII American GIs

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This box gives you a platoon of tough, well-trained troops with enough firepower to successfully perform almost any task given to them.
American troops were after all aggressive, resourceful and supremely well-equipped…

US Infantry - WWII American GIs

These miniatures are usable as almost all types of regular American line troops – from the US entry into WWII in the Mediterranean through to the war’s end in Europe. They can, of course, be fielded as other nations – Uncle Sam outfitted all manner of troops from his stores. These G.I.s could be painted as late war French (post-D-Day) or even Brazilians fighting in Italy!

US Infantry - WWII American GIs frame components

This packed plastic frame comes with:

  • Plastic components to make 30 US Army infantrymen. Includes optional weapon configurations, command models as well as early and late version backpacks.
  • Weapons included:

M1 Garand rifle, Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson and Grease Gun sub-machine guns, M1 carbine, Bazooka, Colt .45 pistol, fragmentation grenades, bandoliers and combat shotgun!

  • Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
  • Construction leaflet.
  • Full-colour waterslide decals.

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Prepare your Company assets and assault teams!

US Infantry Company


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Field your own company of US infantrymen, with 90 infantry, 4 support weapons, an HQ and anti-tank artillery, prepare to storm the beaches of Normandy and take the first step to retake Europe!

This set contains:

Breakdown of units:

US Army command

Contains 3 metal figures

American forces started the war with no experience of combat and often with minimal training. Once exposed to the realities of warfare both officers and men learned quickly. Both experience and promotion often came very quickly whether in Europe or the Pacific.

US Army 81mm medium mortar

Contains 3 metal figures + Mortar

In the American army, the role of the medium mortar was fulfilled by the 81mm calibre M1 mortar. The mortar was the biggest killer of infantrymen throughout the war. An average crew could fire a dozen bombs in a minute.

US Army 30 Cal MMG team firing

Contains 3 metal figures + Machine gun

The Americans were equipped with an excellent medium machine gun: the Browning M1919A4 .30cal. Because of its weight (31lbs), it was always used with a tripod. It had a rate of fire of 500 rounds per minute and an effective range of over 1,000 metres.

US Army M1 57mm anti-tank gun

Contains 3 metal figures + Artillery piece

The U.S. version, classified as substitute standard under the designation 57 mm Gun M1, was based on the 6 pounder Mk 2, two units of which were received from the UK.

By mid-1944 the M1 was the standard antitank gun of the U.S. infantry in the Western Front and outnumbered the M3 in Italy.

We’ve even made it easy for you to start your American army with these great little Beach Assault sets!

Battle For Normandy US Beach Assault Teams

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Battle For Normandy US Landing Platoon

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Get your troops moving today, soldier!

US Infantry - WWII American GIs art

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Models supplied unassembled and unpainted