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Showcase: Brood Mother in crystal

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There is even more on Momma Blue from Chase this week…but if you missed part 1, click here.

By Chase Murphy

Broodmother Chase Murphy MC 3

Momma Blue as she’s affectionately known is perhaps one of the more famous broodmothers owned by the Boromite Clans and Labor Unions. But she’s not famous because of an important battle or because she was involved in some note worthy, heroic action, rather shes famous for what she ate. 

BM 1

The Pith Core Labor Union was the first owner of Momma Blue, though that’s not what they called her back then. The Union had taken out a mining lease on an arid moon discovered on the other side of a recently opened gate. Not two weeks into the survey work Pith Core uncovered what was likely the single largest deposit of sapphires discovered in the 7th age. A minor mineral lease from a survey corporation suddenly turned into the multi-mega credit find of the age. 

BM 5

To say this caused something of a stir would be an understatement. Pith Core immediately brought in a small mining team to pull samples out of the mine for appraisal. The initial team brought a broodmother in to help with chewing through some of the harder rock. The work went quickly and operations were shut down in a few days, the mine sealed up and a heavy guard placed on he mine while the Unions workers waited for the Matriarch set up a contract for the export and sale of the sapphire. 

Now anyone who has read Blickmans Guide to the Illnesses of Lavamites would know that when eating exotic minerals not normally found in there diet, a Matronite Brood Mother can in rare cases acquire an addiction to said minerals. This will result in an unnatural and unhealthy appetite for that mineral. The brood mother used in the sample extraction had for the first time in her life tasted sapphire, and she loved it! So much so that when she was pinned up in the mine and left to her own devices except at feeding times she pulled lose from her electro-leash, an incredibly painful feat, and begun gorging herself on sapphires. By the time the Matriarch returned with her export contract two months later, the brood mother had eaten no less than 35% of the known mineral deposit!


Now the old adage goes you are what you eat. And Momma Blue’s skin begun to crystallize in those following months into sapphire. Fortunately for her she’s now worth a fortune for her shedded skin alone. A fact that is what probably kept the Pith Matriarch from having her shot on the spot when she returned to discover the fate of her mine. She was also fortunate enough that sapphire is a hard enough mineral that she suffered no serious health problems unlike those poor broodmothers who eat too much limestone.

Today Momma Blue serves her current owner on the battlefield where her stunning presence draws more than her share of attention from the enemy. However she continues to survive – due in no small part to no one wanting to kill a living source of sapphire, and her tough hides odd ability to refract laser targeters.

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