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Report: Beyond the Gates of Antares at Salute 2016

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This last Saturday saw gamers and hobbyists descend upon London’s EXCEL centre by the thousand for Salute 2016 – the UK’s largest wargaming show!

The Warlord team have returned to Nottingham bowled-over by the response – the Warlord stand was heaving for the entire event – we barely found time to catch our breath all day! We tried to take as wider variety and as much stock as we could – including new releases, a few previews, and perhaps a few surprises.

If you didn’t manage to attend, don’t panic! – over the coming few Newsletters, we’ll be showing-off a hoarde of photographs, and something of an ‘After Action Report’ of the day…

To begin our coverage of the event, we’ve gathered together the collective photographs of Rich & Rich of the Warlord web team, as well as a few snaps from across the internet to showcase some of the up-coming Beyond the Gates of Antares models on show on the day…

Salute 2016 Antares9

Ghar Attack Scutters, Isorian Phase Sniper, Freeborn Renegade NuHu, Fartok – leader of the Outcast revolt, Karg – Commander of Battle Group Ten, Ghar Tectorist Scouts, Algoryn Mag Mortar



Salute 2016 Antares11

Freeborn Skyraider Squad, Freeborn Striker Attack Skimmer, Boromite Rock Riders, Freeborn Character Amano Harran, Algoryn Medic, Algoryn General Tar Es Janar, Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin, Boromite Matriarch

Salute 2016 - Algoryn Avenger Attack Skimmer


Salute 2016 Antares10

Boromite Heavy Mag Cannnon


Salute 2016 - C3T7 Transporter Drone

…of course, the C3T7 isn’t the only Concord drone based on the C3 chassis – it’s Combat Drone variant – the C3M4 is already available to order.

This fully plastic kit contains 3 weapon options, as well as 2 buddy drones (A Spotter Drone and a Batter Drone) – for more details, click the image below!

WGA-CON-07 C3M4 combat drone

View in Store

We’d like to say an emphatic ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who came and saw us on the day – to all of those who took part in demo games to try-out all of our systems on show, and those who spoke with Rick, Nick, Sam, and the other Warlord staff manning the Antares area!

Keep a close eye on tomorrow’s Warlord Games Newsletter for a full report of our time at Salute 2016!

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