Preview: Algoryn AI Team with X-Launcher

More new painted miniatures from our forthcoming science fiction game, Beyond the Gates of Antares. This time we introduce the Algoryn AI team with X-launcher…

An X-Launcher is a portable magnetic launcher that hurls explosive missiles, bombs, or special munitions packages, such as Arc, Blur, Scramble, and Scoot.

WGA-ALG-25 Algoryn team with x-launcher

They are bulky weapons, and their regular explosive ammunition resists full compression due to the charge. They are of limited value on the battlefield unless they can be emplaced or setup in a static position. However, they are excellent for lobbing shots onto fixed targets. The bombs themselves are usually guided either by internal sensors or by  means of mobile targeting probes. The standard X ammunition contains high-concussion explosives. The X simply standing for explosive. The smallest X-Slinger version shoots a micro-bomb and is often built into a wrist-mounted unit, or it can be sub-mounted onto another weapon or device.


Find out more about the Algoryn in the article here, on our Beyond the Gates of Antares website or read game creator Rick Priestleys’s article on the factions waging war amid the Seventh Age.