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The Antares Initiative – Month 3 – S&T Liverpool

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The Month 3 Article from Scythe and Teacup Gamer cafe has come in!

Phil Millar – 500 points Army

Phil has been building his well painted Boromite army adding multiple units.


Commander parts

  • The new Rock Father and with an Overseer for conversion to use the Tractor Maul

Additions 250 points

  • 2 X-Launcher Support Teams and another Work Gang


Shane Phillips – 500 points Army

Shane’s Isorian army received various units for Month 3.


Commander parts

  • Tsan ra, sniper phase rifle and some sort of Cape if there is one available but we could make that from green stuff

Additional 250 points

  • Pulse bikes, tan ra squad and targeter probe shard


Dan Miller – 500 point Army

Focused more on non-infantry add ons, Dan’s Algoryn army takes shape.


Commander parts

  • chindits head 4: the bare head with beard. The commander from the Algoryn Ai command team. Bits for a plastic concord strike team leader, and a bit off a Algoryn vehicle would be nice, like the side piece off an avenger

Additional 250 points

  • A c3d2 drone, a bike squad and a target probe shard

Martin Otten – 500 point Army

Martin also has a Algoryn army and has a table breakdown!


Commander parts

  • This model from the Algoryn Assault Squad box
  • Algoryn head with no helmet to fit miniature
  • Tar Es Janar’s cloak
  • Plasma Carbine,  plastic Concord one will do if only one available

Additional 250 points for army

Unit Points Upgrade Points Total Points
Algoryn AI Infiltration Team 119 Camo Drone 10 129
Algoryn AI Intruder scout skimmer squad 106 Compacter Drone with Compacted Mag Light support 15 121
Grand Total 250 

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