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Event: MillenniumCon 19

Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LSHM) annual gaming convention, MillenniumCon, will be held for the 19th straight year on 11-13 November 2016 in Round Rock,Texas. Website information at: http://www.millenniumcon.info/index.html Hosting or supporting a vast array of events including: Bolt Action. Konflict 47. Gates of Antares. Savage Core. Role playing. Board games. Card playing events. Special guests….

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New: Blitzkrieg German PDF Painting Guide

Looking for a little help to get your Bolt Action army painted up just right? Well check out our brand new addition to our Downloadable Painting Guides, available for less than the price of a pot of paint! Blitzkrieg Germans Painting Guide A perfect guide to starting your early war period German army with clear &…

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Tournaments: Bolt Action National USA

Hi, Andrew (Ches) Chesney here. Warlord Games has been attending conventions in the USA for many years now. It is with much pride that we can now boast the BOLT ACTION NATIONAL events happening across the United States with the finals being run at Adepticon in Chicago! To celebrate this momentous occasion I have asked…

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Head to Head: M8 Greyhound Vs Sdkfz 234/2 Puma

  Andy Singeton of Volleyfire Painting takes a look at two wargaming favourites, the graceful Greyhound and the prowling Puma. Both of these vehicles were designed to give reconnaissance troops a vehicle that could provide enough fire power to extricate themselves from any trouble they may encounter on their missions, whilst maintaining the speed and mobility,…

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Out with the Old! In with the New! Tank Sale

  Treadheads, rejoice! To celebrate our growing range of plastic Bolt Action tanks and the retirement of the resin models that they replace, we’re launching a sale! We’re including all the fantastic plastic Bolt Action tank kits shown below – plus one of their resin predecessors – this will be your very last chance to get your hands on…

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Pre-Order: Armoured Fury – Bolt Action Tank War starter set

Available to pre-order ahead of the release on Friday 31st October 2014, a special starter set containing everything you need to play Bolt Action Tank War! Armoured Fury allows you to dive into action as either an American Sherman tank commander or become a Panzer commander of lethal Panther tanks. Filled with loads of awesome…