New: Blitzkrieg German PDF Painting Guide

Looking for a little help to get your Bolt Action army painted up just right? Well check out our brand new addition to our Downloadable Painting Guides, available for less than the price of a pot of paint!

Blitzkrieg Germans Painting Guide


A perfect guide to starting your early war period German army with clear & detailed step-by-step descriptions and full colour photographs. Ideal for anyone new to painting or experienced painters looking for an extra piece of inspiration.

It takes you through painting your typical German Heer (army) infantryman, and a vehicle with one of the most iconic silhouettes of the war – the SdKfz251/1 Ausf C ‘Hanomag’.


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Each guide covers one of the main Bolt Action protagonists – Britain, Germany, USA, the Soviet Union, Italy and France – and presents a detailed step-by-step guide to painting both standard infantrymen and tanks. Including tips on undercoating, base coats, washes, highlighting and basing, these guides are ideal for beginners and experienced painters alike.

Following the step-by-step painting guides, you’ll find a collection of other units that display the wide variety of painting possibilities when collecting that force.

Italian Army Painting Guide


The Italian Army painting guide takes you through painting an infantryman of the Italian Army, and the workhorse that was their Semovente 75/18 self-propelled gun tank.

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French Army Painting Guide


The French Army painting guide takes you through painting an infantryman of the French Army, and the stoic Somua S35 tank.

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Japanese Army Painting Guide


The Japanese Army painting guide takes you through painting an infantryman of the Japanese Army, and arguably their best tank the ShinHoTo Chi-Ha.

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British Army Painting Guide


The British Army painting guide takes you through painting an infantryman of the British Army, and the Cromwell Cruiser-class tank.

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German Army Painting Guide


The German Army painting guide focuses on the mid war period basic infantryman of the German Heer (Army) and one of the most ubiquitous German tanks of the war – the Panzer IV.

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American Army Painting Guide


The US Army painting guide presents a step-by-step guided to painting a GI (general infantryman) and easily the most ubiquitous American tank of the war – the M4 Sherman.

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Soviet Army Painting Guide


The Soviet Army painting guide covers painting the basic rifleman of the Soviet Red Army and perhaps one of the most innovative tanks of the war – the T-34.

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