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Tournaments: Bolt Action National USA

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Hi, Andrew (Ches) Chesney here. Warlord Games has been attending conventions in the USA for many years now. It is with much pride that we can now boast the BOLT ACTION NATIONAL events happening across the United States with the finals being run at Adepticon in Chicago!

Adepticon 2016

To celebrate this momentous occasion I have asked some of the demo team and tournament organisers to say a few words about the up-coming convention.
You will find us at one of the many games going on over the 4 day event or at the FOOTSORE MINIATURES booth where Andrew and the gang will be showing off all the new kit and have plenty of things to sell you!!


What Adepticon is for Mr. Al Beddow:

I’ve been to many regional conventions over the last 15 years, plus three trips to Gencon working for the likes of WotC and Mongoose Publishing. The biggest thrill is meeting new people, especially the folks behind the games I love. I am greatly looking forward to meeting gamers who are as passionate for Warlord Games products as I am as well as finally meeting some of the Warlord Games UK staff!

Adaptecn 2013

Paul Long:
I have been running registration on site for Adepticon since the beginning. I also have worked with Jon for many years. Adepticon is my season wake up call. It gets me back into the game – seeing a lot of friends from the industry and all of the awesome games and armies. It gets me charged for a new round of painting and modelling. It also gets me a chance to run some demos and help my Warlord family!

Gen Con table

Casey Pittman:

Deep dish pizza, US Bolt Action Nationals, Chicago hot dogs, and hanging out with the UK crew from Warlord?!?!!! This will be my first time to Adepticon and going to it representing Warlord Games… well I am going into it like I won the golden ticket in Willy Wonka! I am beyond excited to spend five days in Chicago come late March to experience all of those and many more.

The Bolt Action events are gearing up to be the largest ones so far in the United States with dozens of players taking part in four different events. I cannot wait to not only see all the great armies, but also have a chance to meet players from around North America and talk shop about our love of Bolt Action. Being a fairly new tournament organizer, I plan on watching and learning from the guys running the Bolt Action events and taking those lessons back home with me. I do hope to participate in one of the many painting demos that will be taking place and try to improve my painting game as well. My truly biggest fear of going is that I will not bring a big enough suitcase to haul everything back to Texas that I pick up at the vendor hall!

BoltAction4 adepticon 2013

Jay Casper
What I’m looking forward to at Adepticon is all the cool new stuff. The new games, new miniatures and some new friends. I’m excited to see what kind of different armies and army lists people bring to the Bolt Action tournaments. The great paint jobs, modelling, and conversions are always amazing too. And of course we will be getting in some great gaming!


Adepticon 2016 – March 31st April 3rd

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center
1551 N. Thoreau Dr.
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173 USA

BlackPowder2 Adepticon 2013

You may even spot more than just Bolt Action – come & say Glory Hallelujah at the Warlord Stand.

Road to adepticon 2There’ll be sure to be some glorious Armies to be seen in action on the day such as these from previous years.
Road to Adepticon