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Combat Focus: Panther vs T-34-85

Big cats stalk the streets of Budapest. The German Panther is a formidable foe for the more numerous, up-gunned T-34-85.   Vital Statistics Panther Ausf A, D and G T-34-85 Cost: 284pts (Inexperienced), 355pts (Regular), 426pts (Veteran)  188pts (Inexperienced), 235pts (Regular), 282pts (Veteran) Weapons: 1 turret-mounted super heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and 1…

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Aircraft Profile: P-51 Mustang

In this Aircraft Profile series, we’ll be looking at each of the aircraft released for Blood Red Skies, their history and their abilities in your games, continuing with the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang The introduction of the P-51 Mustang could be said to have changed the aspect of the air war in 1944. The…

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