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New: Strontium Dog – The Kreelers

Enforcing the harsh new laws, Kreelman’s quasi-official anti-mutant ‘peacekeeping’ patrols, the Kreelers, coming soon for Strontium Dog… View in Store Riding a wave of anti-mutant sentiment, rich civic leader Nelson Bunker Krellman was elected to New British Parliament largely due to his anti-mutie rhetoric. On his election, he began enacting anti-mutant laws that forbade mutants…

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Character Focus: Kid Knee

An alcoholic mutant bounty hunter with his face on his knee? It’s time to look into the tragic life of Kid Knee… Kid Knee appeared in the Strontium Dog Strip, The Kid Knee Caper. We found him on Mab Garden City, a floating metropolis and popular way station. Kid Knee was being attacked (or mutie-bashed)…

Products, Strontium Dog

New: Strontium Dog – Mork Riders

Sometimes getting around new and dangerous terrain can be difficult – use the new Strontium Dog Mork Riders to traverse the badlands! View in Store Bounty Hunters often need to track their quarry into the wildlands beyond towns and cities, and on many worlds, the indigenous Morks are the mount of choice. These bipedal mammals…

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Character Focus: Middenface McNulty

Alcoholic manic-depressive bounty hunter. It’s time to look into the world of Middenface McNulty… Middenface McNulty gets his name from his rather peculiar mutation: his skull is covered in hard bumps. Due to this, he has an unnaturally hard skull, meaning he can take strong blows to the head which would normally kill a man….

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Character Focus: The Gronk

Bless your poor heartsies, it’s time to delve into the world of the Gronk! Gronks are a famously shy and timid life form from the planet Blas in the Gallego system. Early in his career, Johnny Alpha befriended a Gronk (later named as Gloppus) on the Astro-Liner Sondheim. Gronks being prone to heart attacks, however,…

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Who is – Wulf Sternhammer?

With the release of Warlord Games’ Strontium Dog: The Good, The Bad and The Mutie, it’s time to delve into the Doghouse and introduce one of our main characters…this time we find out more about Wulf Sternhammer! A Viking displaced in time? Perfect bounty hunter material! Wulf Sternhammer first appeared in Starlord comic #1. He…

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