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Character Focus: Middenface McNulty

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Alcoholic manic-depressive bounty hunter. It’s time to look into the world of Middenface McNulty…

Middenface McNulty gets his name from his rather peculiar mutation: his skull is covered in hard bumps. Due to this, he has an unnaturally hard skull, meaning he can take strong blows to the head which would normally kill a man.

McNulty, like so many other mutants oppressed by the villainous Nelson Bunker Kreelman, joined the Mutant Army, where he met Johnny Alpha.

Following the mutant war, Middenface joined the Search/Destroy Agency, where he often teamed with Johnny Alpha on his bounty hunting missions. In particular, McNulty aided Johnny with the hunt for William Blood Moon, a fanatical colonel in the mutant army who believed that mutants were superior type of human.

McNulty was an infamous alcoholic, and only stopped drinking during the Second Mutant War when he was captured by four norms (or non-mutated humans). He assumed, in not being drunk, he would have a greater advantage in defeating the enemy. He was tortured by electrocution in an attempt to get him to give up Johnny Alpha’s location, but he managed to resist the interrogation and escaped.

Middenface lost an arm during the conflict and was captured again. This time, he was used as a hostage in an attempt to ensure Johnny complied with his captors’ desire for him to hunt down Jim Jing Jong and avoid a nuclear war.

Once Middenface regained his freedom, he decided to become a freelance trouble-shooter once his bounty-hunting licence was revoked by the ‘norms.

Following his retirement, Middenface’s drinking got worse following the death of his great friend Johnny Alpha…

Middenface McNulty makes an appearance in the SD Agents box set, alongside the vampiric Durham Red and fellow alcoholic bounty hunter Kid Knee! These infamous Strontium Dogs make the perfect addition to any gang.

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