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New: Algoryn AI Intruder Scout Skimmer Squad

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Available to pre-order today, we have reinforcements for the Algoryn forces of Beyond the Gates of Antares – in the form of the AI Intruder Scout Skimmer Squad!


The Intruder is a lightly built and armed machine designed for scouting and reconnaissance operations and sometimes for raiding, in which capacity its turn of speed and high degree of manoeuvrability make it ideal.

Intruders are armed with Twin Mag Repeaters, and squads can also carry compactor drones enabling them to tow support weapons into advanced positions and crew them. They are protected by a composite skin, and reflex type armour with internal hyperlight boosters, creating a high-energy hyperlight envelope for rider and machine.

The intruder is buoyed upon suspensors that carry it easily over most ground surfaces and employs pulse thrusters to attain high speeds and rapid acceleration.

The AI Intruder Scout Skimmer Squad kit is now available to order here on the Warlord webstore – this set includes three Intruder Scout Skimmers – each of which has a single-piece resin body, with metal additional components such as the crewman, weapons etc. This set also contains three 25mm x 50mm plastic bases and three clear acrylic flying stands. 


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To see the Skimmers up-close, click the image below to watch a video which shows them in 360-degrees..