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New: T-26A light tank & more Finnish infantry

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These week sees welcome reinforcements for the Red Army and the Finns in the shape of a new twin-turreted light tank and light mortar and flamethrower teams…

Like all T-26 variants, this hugely successful light tank design was based on the British Vickers 6-ton tank and over 11,000 of all variants were produced. The early 1930s version of the Soviet T-26 light tank had two independently turning machine gun turrets.

Whilst predominantly fielded in numbers by the Red Army, the Finnish made good use of captured vehicles, pressing them into service against their former masters. Similarly German forces also made use of captured T-26A light tanks. The T-26A served during the Spanish Civil War

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WGB-FN-26-Finn-Lt-Mort+FT-teams-aFinnish forces are reinforced this week with the addition of these two potent support weapons.

Pressing the Soviet 50mm mortar into service against their former owners the Finns had many hundred of these to hand following their liberation from the Red Army. The flamethrowers used by the Finns would generally be either captured Soviet versions or purchased Italian weapons. Either way they are deadly!


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This fantasticly characterful set includes infantry armed with rifles and molotov cocktails, a sniper team, MMG team, officers and even a five-man scouting patrol equipped with snow-gear and skis.

If you are playing the Finns in Bolt Action then you will need the Italy and the Axis book, which contains all the rules for them, as well as the forces of Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. It also comes with the free miniature Finnish Sniper Simo Hayha.

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