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New: Boromite Rock Riders Overseer Squad

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Charging through the front line with teeth, claw, and fiery death, the new Boromite Rock Rider Overseer squad are ready to bring the fight to the enemy!



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The mighty Boromite commander leads his retinue with his lance held high! The Lectro lance is an adaptation of the lecto lash type of weapon primarily for Boromite Rock Riders fighting from their tall, silicate mounts.

The lectro lance is essentially a contained lectro energy that can be directed accurately from the back of a Lavamite Rock mount. It uses the same technology as the lectro lash but is designed to deliver a more powerful shock.


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The Boromite Rock Rider Overseer squad in Antares

Unit: Rock Rider Overseer Squad Ag Acc Str Res Init Co
1 x Rock Rider Overseer; plasma carbine, reflex armour, riding Locomite 4 5 8 7(8) 6 10
2 x Rock Riders; plasma carbine, reflex armour, riding Locomite 4 5 8 7(8) 6 9


We must not lose this planet!


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