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New: Bolt Action Polish Airborne Support!

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The initial para-drop of Polish Airborne which landed last week has requested urgent reinforcements. Their luck is in as this little lot is en route to bolster their position…


Fieldmarshal Montgomery inspects Polish Airborne troops. God bless, Fieldmarshal Montgomery…

Polish Paras

Once you hit the ground, it’s good idea to have some portable firepower with you. Enter our specialists! Bren Gun teams, PIAT teams, 2″ mortars and scoped Lee Enfield rifles – ‘ave it!!

You can purchase our Polish Airborne Specialists here in the webstore.

Polish Paras

Lay down a suppressing barrage for the paras’ advance with our lovely 3″ Mortar Team. Our models are posed in the midst of dropping a round in the tube, so Jerry better hit the dirt!

You can purchase a an Airborne 3″ Mortar Team  here in the webstore.

Polish Paras

Are tanks and other hard to deal with targets ruining your day? Simply point our Polish Para-crewed 6 pdr anti-tank gun at it and send ’em packing!

You can purchase a 6 PDR ATG here in the webstore.

Polish Paras

Well, if the 3″ Mortar above doesn’t do it for you, then perhaps a 75mm Pack Howitzer will. A bit more work is required to set one up, but the results are so very satisfying…

You can purchase a 75MM Pack Howitzer here in the webstore.

Last week we started the Polish Paras releases. In case you missed that initial burst, simply have a look below…

Polish Airborne

Although comparatively lightly-armed, Polish Airborne could dish it out and would not hesitate to close to hand-to-hand fighting if needs be, screaming their warcries as they went. Here we have a set of  Polish Airborne Command models.  Pack contains 2 Officers with Sten guns, 1 Medic and 1 Radio Operator.

Polish Airborne

Now for the backbone of your collection, the Polish Airborne Squad. You get a full 10 man section: Sergeant with Sten gun, Corporal with Sten gun and 8 paratroopers armed with either Sten guns or SMLE rifles.

Polish Airborne

Round out your force with some punch in the form of a tripod mounted Vickers MG and three Paratrooper crew.


These next two releases might not be directly Polish, but are certainly related. Our dashing Oberst comes wearing a leather flying jacket and armed with British Sten Gun. Pick him up here in the webstore. Of course, you’ll know that he comes attended by ‘Polish’ paratroopers so he’s a great addition to your force.


Our British Airborne Close Quarter Fighters are equally usable as Polish. Mix a few in for even more variability amongst your squads and let the Hun have a taste of cold steel!