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New: Bolt Action BA-64 Armoured Car!

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This classic Soviet armoured scout car saw service from 1942 right into the 1960s! Proving equally adept in recce or urban situations this Russian vehicle ably complements our growing Bolt Action Soviet range.


BA 64 Model


BA 64 Model

This is the BA64 a light armoured car built in 1941 as the Germans invaded Russia. The Russians adapted the chassis of their Gaz jeep (another new release on the way soon!) and armoured its body, copying the better points of captured German armoured cars.

Armed with the light DT machine gun the BA64 or “Bobik” as the Soviets called it served bravely in all Russian theatres of war in WW2 and beyond, 9,000 being built. It had a two man crew.

You can purchase yor own BA64 here in our webstore.



Red Army Box

There’s been a slew of new Soviet releases these past few weeks, like the Komsomolets Armoured Artillery Tractor, the SU-76, and the packed to the brim with character Soviet Infantry boxed set.