New: Bolt Action Commando Figure Heads!

You’ve loved our plastic Bolt Action Commandos boxed set and its support packs. But many of you asked for the heads wearing the iconic cap comforters too. Far be it for us to ignore such a good idea…

BW in caps

These are the classic Commando heads, loved by us all in the 60s when Airfix first did them in plastic. They are wearing the classic “cap comforter” for raiding, it being a practical piece of headwear which was warm, non-reflective and comfortable.

BW in caps

There are dozens of photos of tough looking Commandos wearing this type of headgear in many of the raids, particularly early and mid war.

Commando Heads

This pack contains 4 Commando Heads. Snag a pile here in the webstore!


You’ll need some commandos to stick these heads on won’t ya? Just hit this link to get your own. This set also includes the deadly Fairbairn-Sykes combat knife, smatchet close quarters blade and the Commando bergen backpack.


And while your at it, be sure to have look at the other juicy support packs available for your brave commandos. Like the hard hitting Vickers HMG or 3″ Mortar Team shown here.