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New: Antares Skirmish Forces

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With the official release of Beyond the Gates of Antares a few weeks ago, today we launch Skirmish forces for the Algoryn, Boromites, and Freeborn!

We have revised the previous army deals we had on offer throughout the Beta testing stage – taking the opportunity to revise the content to bring them in line with the finalised rules set.

Admittedly, we have sacrificed a couple of things – these army deals don’t contain Order Dice, or a Rulebook (where the old Army Deals contained the Beta Rulebook). However, we’ve countered this by cramming in as many models as we feasibly can!

These armies have been designed to offer a solid core force from which you can expand to your liking – we’ve suggested 8/9 Order Dice Army Lists around the 800pt mark for each one, however they can be outfitted with additional equipment and Army Options – or could even be reconfigured to include less squads, with more models… so there is scope for personalisation and list tweaking…

All-in-all, we hope that you’ll find these solid Skirmish Forces useful starting points to explore this brand new Sci-fi universe from the mind of industry legend Rick Priestley!

Algoryn Skirmish Force


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Boromite Skirmish Force


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Freeborn Skirmish Force


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Don’t forget that if you’re more interested in playing a Concord or Ghar force, we have boxed army deals available for them as well!


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