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NEW: Algoryn Orbital Transmat from Sarissa precision!

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A new Gates of Antares Orbital Transmat has been deployed!

AG07_2 600

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In Antarean space, Transmats come in many forms – they allow units to be lowered effortlessly in a transmat beam from ship to low orbit or ground.

Orbital transmats in Antares

In our games of Antares we’ve been using the Orbital Transmat stations to bring on units using the Deployment Rules (page 140 Beyond the Gates of Antares) or as an objective to hold and then use to escape a planet to our orbiting ships in a narrative campaign – try it for yourself by using the Bridgehead scenario found on page 154 of the main rules.

Algoryn Orbital Transmat AG07

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  • W165 x D200 x H15(40)mm approx.
  • Depth includes Ramp.
  • Height is without and with Control Panel.

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