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New: Algoryn Compression Cannon

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Arriving as the first troops head for the surface of Xilos in the new Antares Online Campaign comes a new support option for the Algoryn army list, the compression cannon!


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The compression cannon is a relatively exotic, sleek looking, light support weapon mostly used in specialist roles by Algoryn forces.

Compression weapons use compression field technology to quantum reduce everything within a narrow field projected by the weapon – effectively scrunching matter to nothing. As with other compression weapons, the compression cannon doesn’t function at very short ranges and its effectiveness drops off very quickly over long range.


The chief advantages of the weapon compared to plasma equivalents are its effectiveness against close targets – so long as they don’t come within the weapon’s limited compression range – and its ability to compress any cover the target is taking advantage of. As with all larger compression weapons it can suffer from momentary field collapse, so best avoid rolling that 10.


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