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New: Ghar High Commander Karg 12-40-9

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Karg commands his armies from his mobile Command Crawler which has the added benefit of space for the pampered human slaves with which he surrounds himself. Karg is too fond of life to risk himself in battle if it can be helped, a very un-Gharlike attitude for a race bred to face battle without flinching.

Such risks are almost inevitable because Ghar battlefield communications are poor compared to the other races of Antarean space, and Ghar armies expect to be led by their commanders in person. To do otherwise would invite suspicion which is the last thing Karg wants.

If the enemy get too close Karg will have to master his timidity if he is not to lose the respect of his troops and his chance of ultimate power.

Karg’s Command Crawler has the extra benefit of a hand-picked crew chosen by the High Commander himself, and thoroughly instructed in the consequences of displeasing their master. In addition, Karg has the Mastermind rule and Ruthless rule, which combine to make him an exceptionally effective commander.


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Lead your armies to Victory

Start with your core force from the Xilos Horzon set or start with this great Ghar Empire starter army then add to it with you Ghar support force to be fielding a Conquest force in no time:

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