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Judge Dredd: Pre-Order MEGA Launch Deals

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We’ve a Mega-City One sized launch deal – whatever your allegiance, be it to justice or chaos, this is a Judge Dredd launch bundle for you!

Judge Dredd: Mega Launch Deals


This is the ultimate bundle, containing everything that accompanies the initial release of the game. Dish out street-justice or launch your Block Gang to notoriety.

Judge Dredd - MEGA ONE

Full Contents:

  • Judge Dredd Starter Game
  • Judge Dredd Collector’s Edition Rulebook
  • Judge Dredd Special Edition Miniature: Dredd vs Death
  • Judge Dredd (foot and mounted)
  • Dredd: Street Judges
  • Denizens of Mega-City One
  • Block Gang
  • Block Gang Reinforcements
  • The League of Fatties
  • Free: Arch Villains of Mega-City One


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Dan Hewitson
Dan can often be found contemplating the mound of unpainted minis building up under his desk. He has a tendency to roll lots of ones. He also has a tendency to complain about rolling lots of ones.