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How to: Paint a Jackal Walker

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We spotted Jean Sebastien Denis’ expert painting and we just had to know how he did it – so we gave him a couple of Jackal Walkers to experiment with; here are the results.
Jean: Here’s my Jackal Walker Step by Step guide!

1 – The assembly


2 – Black Primer


3-4 – Base coat

Use a dark green, I used Castillan Green from Citadel.

5-6 – Heavy Dry brush

Use a lighter green/khaki, I used Antique Green from Americana.

7 – Light dry brush

Use a lighter green, I used 527 Forest Moss from Folkart (the left Jackal has been dry brushed with the lighter green and the right Jackal hasn’t).

8-9 – Apply the decals

10 – Quickshade

Quickshade the walker with a brownish tone ink, I used Agrax Earthshade from citadel (the left Jackal has been quickshaded and the right Jackal hasn’t).

11-13 – Add the details

Windows, MG, Flamethrower, spring behind the legs, etc.

14 – Black Shade

Black shade all the cracks with a fine brush (The left Jackal has been black shaded the right jackal hasn’t).

15-16 – Glowing effects

Add glowing effects onto the jetpack, I used the Army Painter Drybrush BR7015 with the army painter Voidshield Blue. I used the least amount of paint possible and did multiple layers.

17 – Details of the reactor zone

I used Deep Blue from Army painter for the base color and then I applied thin layers, adding more and more towards the center with Ultramarine Blue from Army painter afterwards I used Voidshield blue from army painter and then I finished it with a dot or a line of white in the center.

18-19 – Add effects on the flamethrower

A Black dry brush the clique, after that the model is ready for varnish.

20-26 – Final Touches

I put some gloss varnish on the windows and the jetpack reactor zone and finished the base. For the base I used Army Painter Brown Battleground and the grass tufts are from the Army Painter Highland tuft.


Jean Sebastien Denis

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