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New: Japanese Locust Medium Battlewalker

Japan has introduced it’s first bipedal walker with devastating results. Wield the new resin and metal Locust Medium Battlewalker and destroy your enemy! View in Store Locust Medium Battlewalker Japan has now been able to enhance its Battlewalker programme with shared assets from the German Panzermech program. The addition of a bipedal jump-capable walker based…

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Konflikt ’47 Short Story: Seaforth’s Ladies

Join the women of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada’s Walker Platoon – Piloting their walkers; A grizzly named Winnie and the three Guardians… View PDF in Store   “Well done Sergeant your platoon has impressed the Brigadier,” said Lieutenant Colonel Goodbar as he followed up behind the Brigadier. “Thank you, Sir,” said Alex a note…

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New: GB Hornet Medium Walker

The British debut their latest Rift-tech walker – taking a leaf from arguably the best fighter of the war, the new Hornet medium walker brings devastating firepower to support the infantry! The Hornet medium walker View in Store As the effectiveness and versatility of the US medium walkers was proven repeatedly in combat, the British Army…

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New: German Thor Heavy Panzermech

Ready to bust even the thickest of bunkers is the Thor heavy panzermech, lumbering over the battlefield with its massive howitzer. View in Store The Thor panzermech is designed to enter the toughest urban environments and deal with entrenched infantry. Well armoured and armed it does its job far too well for most opponent’s liking….

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USA Army – Apex Predators

The M5A5/6 Jackal Light Walker by Captain Karlsen So, the fun toy we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The Jackal has 2 variants, the base one, with just machine gun is the M5A5. I honestly see no reason not to upgrade to the M5A6 – which adds an infantry flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower,…

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New: Bruin Support Walker

The new Bruin support walker entrenches and releases an unrelenting barrage! View in Store The Grizzly works well in most situations but when it comes to heavy defences, or when confronted by heavier tanks and walkers, you’ll be wanting some heavy rocket firepower… In response, the versatility of the Grizzly’s fists was sacrificed for heavy…

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New: Jackal Walker

The new agile Jackal drops into battle, ready to bring the fight to the enemy front lines! View in Store This box contains: Enough resin and metal to create one Jackal A breakthrough in the power of repulsor pods led to first the Jackal and then the Mudskipper walkers, built to keep up with fast moving…