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Getting Started in Bolt Action and what comes next?

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Have you just picked up your copy of Bolt Action for the first time? Are you pondering what to work on next? Have no fear we’ve put together this bundle of essential resources especially for you!


We’ve had such a huge response to the new Bolt Action Second Edition and with many new to the game we’ve receive messages from all across the globe from fresh recruits looking for advice on where to start…

Historical wargaming can be, but doesn’t need to be, a daunting prospect for newcomers – which force should I collect? What do I need to get started? What colours should I paint my models? We’ve gathered together a bundle of essential resources which should help to break down some of the barriers, and help any new players with some of the basics!

Initial Purchases

The options are near-endless, but the best place to start is of course the Bolt Action Rulebook, which contains all of the rules, a timeline of WWII events, sample Army Lists for the German, US, Soviet and British forces… and is packed with stunning photographs of our studio models, along with exceptional illustrations from renowned artist Peter Dennis.

Wave 2 Pre-Order in Store

The Initial allocations of the Bolt Action hard back rule book have left the building and we’re now out of stock! – Have no fear! Wave 2 Pre-Order is being prepared and will head your way late October.

Band Of Brothers Available Now

If you’re keen to dive in in the meantime, and want to start your collection with a BANG!, then you need to pick-up a copy of the ‘Band Of Brothers’Starter Battle Set.

It comes crammed to the brim with new plastic US airborne troops, German Grenadiers, scenery, Templates, Dice and the main 2nd Edition Bolt Action Rules!

View Band Of Brothers Starter Battle Set in Store

Adding Reinforcements

Once you’ve decided which force you’d like to collect, it’s time to call in the reinforcements – head over to the Warlord webstore and muster more manpower!

We’ve put together the Bolt Action ‘Getting Started‘ Bundle – which has been specially created to provide new players with a full, competitive 1,000pt Army, their accompanying ‘Armies of…’ Sourcebook, and a set of Order Dice. Combine this special offer with the Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook/Band Of Brothers Starter Battle Set and you’ve got everything you’ll need to begin playing!

Getting Started Bundle

Keep a particular eye on the Deals section of the website… we regularly add new themed bundles and offers to coincide with the latest releases, offering great value – so if you’re looking to add a whole new chunk to your army, it’s the place to look!

Army Starter Sets

Alternativley, if you’ve already decided upon which army you’d like to collect, we have created a series of specific Starter Sets – which cover all of the core units you’ll need to get started playing Bolt Action – along with a few extra deadly additions to add some extra firepower!

Check out the Army Deals section – which is home to 500, 1000 and 2000pt Army Deals for all of the core forces represented in Bolt Action. We’ve carefully chosen the lists to ensure that all are competitive, and fun to play – the deals have been put-together by the Warlord staff – a crack team of the most experienced Bolt Action players!

Build an Army

Should you already have your army book, and feel comfortable at writing your own army list, then make use of the fantastic build an army option, giving you a choice of units and topped off with a free tank!



View Deals

So…Which Army Should I Collect?

Every player has a different reason for collecting their army of choice… for some players, it’s because they want to recreate the actions of a specific historical unit, maybe they want to play out the events from a Hollywood war film…. some players maybe like a specific tank, and collect an army based around that… others perhaps have a relative who served in a specific unit, and want to recreate that upon the tabletop battlefield… or perhaps it’s a simple matter that they like a specific model, or a particular series of models…

So why not re-watch your favourite war film, look back through your family tree, or pore over a few documentaries to see what sparks your imagination?

On the Warlord Games website, there is an ever-expanding library of articles – from hobby guides, historical accounts, and battle reports… dive-in, take a look, and see if we can’t sway your decision!

We’ve also handily separated them by country, so that you can look at – for example –

– all of the articles on the British forces
– all of the articles on the Finnish forces
– all of the articles on the French forces
– all of the articles on the German forces
– all of the articles on the Italian forces
– all of the articles on the Japanese forces
– all of the articles on the Polish forces
– all of the articles on the Soviet forces
– all of the articles on the US forces

What Colours Should I Use to Paint my Models?

You may feel that one of the biggest barriers to historical wargaming is the paint schemes… specific forces would wear very specific camouflage patterns, and/or uniforms of very specific colours…

However – there is a wealth of reference material online, and it should always be remembered that uniforms would be dirtied quickly, colours would fade with time, and uniforms would often be made in a number of different factories, so variation was commonplace…


Painting Guides

That being said – we have created a number of Painting Guides (with more on the way!) which should help new players to get started!


View in Store

Again – if you take a look through the Bolt Action articles, we often feature articles showing suggested paint schemes for some more specific or obscure schemes.

How to Paint

Starter Paint Sets

We’ve also put-together Paint Sets – which contain all of the key colours required to recreate the uniforms of all of the major forces represented in Bolt Action

Model Colour

View Paint Sets

The Bolt Action Community

If you’re looking to chat with fellow Bolt Action hobbyists, if you have hobby questions – be it about modelling and painting, rules questions, or historical queries – the Warlord Games forums are packed with enthusiastic, knowledgeable fellow hobbyists – so it’s well worth a look…

If you’re starting out, and you’re looking for opponents and fellow Bolt Action hobbyists in the local area, we’ve set up the Bolt Action Opponent Finder subforum – take a look, see if there’s anyone in your area, and post a quick thread to introduce yourself!


Find a Foe!

There’s also a fantastic Facebook Group – which provides a near-constant stream of photographs of Bolt Action hobby projects around the world… if you’re ever short of hobby inspiration, it’s a perpetual source of information and great photographs that are sure to replenish your modelling mojo!

See you on a Battle field Soon!