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Getting ready for BA2: Templates, Tokens, & Dice

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With your shiny new Bolt Action Second Edition rule book heading your way it’s time to prepare for combat!

Bolt Action 2 MC

What’s all the fuss? Find out more about the acclaimed Bolt Action rules here:


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Templates Tokens and Pin Markers set


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As you can see you’ll get all the tokens required to keep track of your squads actions and other useful reminders plus the essential new template for High Explosive ordnance – the bigger the artillery the bigger the area!


Pin Markers help track your individual squads/units effectiveness and there’s nothing better than seeing a growing number behind your opponents units!


So grab your set of Templates, Tokens, & Pin Markers and lay down some Bolt Action fury this weekend!

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10% OFF Bolt Action Dice & Bag Sets

A defining feature of Bolt Action is the way orders are given and these dice are an integral part of the system, so choose your armies cool, hand made, dice bag and your colour of dice a get a great discount today!

(10% discount applies whilst stocks last)


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Band Of Brothers Starter Battle Set

Band Of Brothers MC

The Band of Brothers Starter Battle Set provides the 2 forces, rules, scenery and all the dice, templates, tokens, and pin markers needed to play full games of Bolt Action!

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