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Antares: Book Bundle & C3T7 Attack Incoming!

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There have been some interesting meetings around Warlord HQ lately… lots of hushed chatter, with rumours of waves-upon-waves of reinforcements being prepared for consignment – support teams, auxiliaries, and VEHICLES, VEHICLES, VEHICLES are moving ever-closer to release.

All around Warlord HQ, display cabinets are filling with the staff’s painted armies, with games breaking-out weekly – and many of the staff spending their evenings and weekends eagerly assembling models, crafting scenery, and painting-up reinforcements by the wave!

New players are conscripting week by week – and the official Facebook Group‘s numbers swells… but of course, that’s not enough – more are needed if we’re to turn-back the tide of the Ghar Empire.

So today, we’ve decided to launch two new bundle deals designed to get you up-and-running… an easy way to pick-up all of the current literature supporting the game, and the first big chunk of your Concord force….

 Available whilst stocks last

We’ve gathered together both of the books which we’ve released so far – the glorious full Hardback Rulebook, and the expansion book – ‘The Battle for Xilos’ – and bundled them together into a simple one-click purchase!

Not only that – we’ve thrown-in a handy PDF version of the core Rulebook, which makes quick-referencing of the rules much, much easier!

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Concord C3T7 Attack

The C3T7 Transporter Drone is a key element of highly mobile Concord Strike forces far across the Determinate and beyond – but of course, any Transporter needs a payload, so again we’ve put together a handy bundle – pick-up your T7 and a payload of Strike Troops (and even a C3D1 Support Drone as well!) for even less!

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Article written by Richard Dando