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Focus: Apex Predators – Kodiak Medium Walker

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 by Captain_karlsen.

Kodiak2 Captain_karlsen MC

So finally the USA gets some love in the release schedule and we see that Uncle Sam’s plan to deal with the weird and wonderful creations of super science is lead poisoning, available in a variety of calibers and velocities.

As part of that plan comes the excellent Kodiak Medium Walker. The fluff states this is to add an Anti-Aircraft option to support walker platoons and as such can fill the skies with lead. Luckily for USA players it also works a bit closer to the ground.


This figure is the third US medium walker released (as we already have the Grizzly and the Mudskipper) and the second released variant on the Grizzly chassis, with the Bruin still to come.

In terms of the kit, its another nice clean example from warlord. I was surprised to see its a one piece torso, I was expecting a Grizzly body with a different stick on front piece.

As ever the cleaning is minimal, and it goes together well.

Kodiak parts

The only thing to highlight is making sure your auto-cannons barrels are sufficiently level, otherwise it ruins the look a bit. As you’ll see, once it comes together, its straightforward aesthetic gives it a very defined look.

KodiaK Defence

On The Table

The kodiak is an interesting one. It seems to be closer to the Mudskipper than the Grizzly in design intent, and puts out more dice at the expense of the Mudskippers mobility. It also lacks the bazooka options of the Mudskipper but again, this fits its fluff as an anti-aircraft platform. The rules are on page 158 of the Konflikt ’47 main rulebook.


Multiple shots with pen modifiers – It frightens the hell out of Heavy Infantry and Veteran troops. With each arm putting out 6 HMG shots at +1 pen and 2 Autocannon shots at +2 pen, there is a good chance that use of both arms can delete a small unit or compromise a large units effectiveness in a single round of shooting.

Light vehicle AT – it is also very effective at scaring light vehicles, especially the soft skin or 7+ armour that people take to aid mobility.

Lots of guns! – It is a mobile fire-base and if like me you struggle with the dice rolling you will know the more the merrier!


Army Selection – this is more about what it isn’t. It’s not your big AT machine and by taking this in a single platoon tank slot, you will need to ensure you have AT elsewhere in the list.

No fists – to be honest, this drawback is limited – as, if the Kodiak is in combat you are doing it wrong as much as I’d love to shred anything on the way in, remember the Kodiak cannot reaction fire as it is not small arms!

Expensive – Like the other US walkers this is going to cost you. At around a fifth of your points you need to be as efficient as possible to make the cost back.


This is a gun platform, a big gun platform. It basically does what it says on the tin.

It’s a great support piece, and can be great for area denial and board control, just be aware that one shot can knock out significant part of your support. Also don’t let the vicious assault troops get close, one squad of vamps or bears and your going to have a bad time!

Kodiak in battle

As is only proper I have named my Kodiak, so the Curse of Scotland will be shortly joining the 107th on the battlefield, mainly as a key volume of fire part of my heavy infantry theme force.

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