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Way back in 2009, the wonderfully named Bennett Blalock-Doane sent us in some snaps of his Warlord models – and how impressed we were! Bennett tells us he has more to send us and we can’t wait! Bennett also commented;

“It’s great to finally have GW-quality product available for ancients in plastic! Some pieces have some putty converting done on them, and the horses used to convert the cavalry came from another range. Thanks again for producing such great work – these models were a joy to paint.”

Check out the awesome work Bennett has done below.


Luverly, luverly Celts:

Luverly, luverly Celts.

Don’t lose your head:

Don't lose your head (with apologies to Freddie Mercury).

A Centurion’s Centurion to be sure:

A regiment of battle-weary Imperial Roman Veteran Legionaries:

A regiment of battle-weary Imperial Roman Veteran Legionaries.

These wolves don’t howl, but your opponent might:

These wolves don't howl, but your opponent might!

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