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With the recent announcement (and launch!) of the first Antares narrative supplement, ‘The Battle for Xilos‘ – we’ve seen a huge influx of new players… and with that comes an equally huge influx of new armies….

Some of the paint schemes we’ve seen have left many a jaw here at Warlord HQ firmly planted upon the floor – we showcased them a few months ago here;

….but since we published those articles, we’ve seen a HUGE amount of new forces emerging from painting desks across the Determinate… and we felt it time to put your (and our!) painting skills to the test!

Salute 2016 Andres


Rules and Guidelines

Q. When does it run?
A. Now through till the deadline of 23:59 Sunday July 31st


Q. How do I enter?
A. You can enter either by posting a thread on the appropriate Warlord Games forum (which will allow you to keep a running project log as the model moves from assembly through each stage of painting) – which can be found at this link.

…or by posting pics of the finished model on the Antares Facebook group – including the phrase ‘Antares Painting Contest’ in the post.


Q. What can I use?
A. All miniatures must be from the current Beyond the Gates of Antares catalogue available from the Warlord Games online store.


Q. How Many miniatures can I use?
A. This particular contest is for a single infantry miniature… however, if you specialise in larger units or vehicles, don’t despair – further contests will run in the future.


Q. Can I use a converted model?
A. Yes – as long as the majority of the miniature is from the Beyond the Gates of Antares range, you can convert it to your heart’s content.


Q. How many times can I enter?
A. This contest is limited to a single entry per person.


Q. Can I show my progress to the world?
A. Yes please do! By all means post a Project Log over on the Warlord Forums, or in the Facebook group to post updates & keep up to date


Q. What’s the prize?!
A. The winner will receive one of the 500 Point Army Deals of their choice, as listed for sale on the Warlord webstore… there may also be a few other surprise prizes along the way…


Q. Who’s judging the entries?
A. All of the entries’ photos will be gathered together and presented to the Warlord staff – including Rick Priestley, and the Warlord Design Studio painting team


Q. When will the victors be announced?
A. The worthy winners will be announced in the Warlord Newsletter on either Wednesday 10th August



In future, we’re looking to run a chain of these competitions… though we’re starting today with a Single Miniature, next time we’ll escalate to a painted Squad, then a painted Force… so if you have a speciality, keep watching – your time will come!
Let us know your plans and ideas over on the warlord forum:


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Article written by Richard Dando