Community Algoryn Colour Schemes

Continuing our recent article series showcasing community colour schemes for Beyond the Gates of Antares, this week we’re dipping into the Warlord Forums and Facebook Group to track-down some fantastic examples of Algoryn colour schemes!


The Algoryn Prosperate is the largest independent federation of planets lying upon the Antarean borders of both the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex. The Prosperate comprises hundreds of worlds and is centred upon the planet of Algor, the homeworld of the Algoryn.

The Algoryn are an advanced spacefaring race with a technological level comparable to the rest of the Antarean universe. However, their chief concern is to protect their worlds from the extremely sophisticated IMTel driven societies of the Concord and Isorians, as well as the distinctly primitive forces of the Ghar. For this reason the Prosperate retains a strong human element of control both in terms of strategic thinking and operational equipment.

The Algoryn have is that they are a military society with a strong warrior ethic that permeates the entire population. Men and women share in the burden of defence, and even Algoryn children are proficient with basic weapons from an early age. This contrasts strongly with both Concord and Isorian societies where only a tiny proportion of the population are ever taken into military service.


In Beyond the Gates of Antares, there are no ‘set’ or even ‘standard’ paint schemes – the universe is incredibly vast and varied – so Boromites come in a vast variety of skin colours depending upon their location and circumstance. Some might be brightly coloured if they’ve evolved in a vibrant environment, whereas others might perhaps be more blandly coloured in dull colours if it better camouflages them to suit their environment…

The possibilities are near-endless – so we’ve drawn-together just some of our favourite paint schemes that have cropped-up among the community so far… from both the official Antares Facebook Group – and the Warlord Forum.

Bill Fluhr






Christian Schlumpberger

Christian Schlumpberger Algoryn


Dan Carroll


Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor Algoryn


David Sullivan


David Horobin



Dread Lunn

Dread Lunn Algoryn


Eric Weissgerber




Forumite ‘Oddball’



Grant Uhuru McGovern




Ian Mathewson



Jez Allum


For more information about Jez’s army, take a look at this article!


Matt Houghton


Matt Houghton Algoryn

For more information about Matt’s army, take a look at this article!

Nathan Coutanche




Paul Shipman



Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison Algoryn

Peter also produced a fantastic ‘How to Paint’ video, showing you exactly how to recreate this colour scheme using the Army Painter system!

Peter Simpson



Richard Shirley




Richard Whitmore



Simon Danby



Steve Day


Steve Day Algoryn



Thomas Brown


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