Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Work in Progress

Work-in-Progress: Algoryn Liberator Combat Skimmer

12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

That’s right – we’re at it again! On the run-up to the big day, we’ll be showing off a few previews of what’s to come… starting right now with this….

This is a render of the Algoryn Liberator Combat Skimmer – the standard combat skimmer to be found in the arsenal of the Algoryn Armoured Infantry forces. It has undergone numerous design improvements over many decades of service and has evolved into an efficient, effective and extremely reliable machine.


It has a fully enclosed composite skin and crew positions for up to three operators who can control the Liberator at three levels: monitor level at which the machine operates itself, shard level at which the crew and machine operate as a single mental entity, and manual level in which the skimmer’s high functions are disabled leaving the crew in control. Although the Liberator can be controlled from any of its crew positions, if all crew should be incapacitated it can fight on as a drone. If its combat shard should be compromised it will take whatever measures are required to protect its crew.

Please note that this model has not yet entered production, so is still subject to change before release.

Keep checking the Warlord website every day on the run-up to Christmas, as there’ll be something new EVERY SINGLE DAY – and we have some very special presents in store…