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    Hi, I have the soviet starter box and was wondering what would be good to add to boost the options/points up, so I have a good amount of infantry , 1 sniper team, 1 anti-tank rifle team,1 medium mortar, 1 x T34/85. Was thinking a Zis-3 gun?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thinking of basing the force on the last days of Berlin list.


    Zis3 (or two) -is always a good idea… they go with everything,

    Infantry – we soviets like lots… if you have a tank then you want a squad of tank riders (SMGs)… dont forget to have panzerfaust guys & a replacement model for if you use it and havent taken casualties yet!

    Anti Tank squads – we get 3 for 1.. so 1 AT rifle is not enough, go for 3!.. the tank hunters can just be rifle or SMG guys

    IS2 – a nice heavy tank, baby sat by an officer means you get round the slow load rule.

    SU152 – this is THE tank to have… its a heavy howitzer that hits at +5 PEN… it doesnt care what the target is it WILL hurt it (worst case scenario is v a tiger… when its a 5 or 6 to hurt on the front.. and does D6 pins just for hitting it :p)

    Trucks / halftracks / jeeps etc – one or two are a good idea so you can move your large squads round quicker.

    BA64 – yes its a little armoured car, but its nippy

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    Nigel Heather

    Interested to know how well AT Rifles are modelled in Bolt Action.

    In reality they would have been absolutely useless in anything but early war.

    I’ve read that the truck fitted with quad machine gun is pretty nasty for its point cost.



    Stuart Harrison

    “Anti Tank squads – we get 3 for 1.. so 1 AT rifle is not enough, go for 3!.. the tank hunters can just be rifle or SMG guys” – just for clarity, it’s a multiple selection rule which allows you to field up to three units for a single selector slot – “not a buy one, get two free” style three for one. You can field three but still pay for each.


    Well AT rifles ARE genrally useless against anything other than armoured cars (DV7+) due to only being +1 PEN at over half range…However they are still a good way of killing off / putting Pins on infantry (3+ to kill vets) and trucks. Also as a heavy weapon they can always have a go at putting PINs on heavier tanks (Regs on a 3 or less). And at 3 for 90 points it gives a fair amount of flexiblity in use and extra order die

    Master Chief

    How about a SU-76 at 115pts,+5 to close its top and +10 to fire as a medium AT gun for a total of 130 points …🤔 I like the new closed top model for the Korean War.

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