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    Would appreciate very much some clarification on trees in B.A.

    (1) If an infantry group is entirely inside the trees, deeper than an inch, can they see outside to fire, and can they be fired upon? (I think it mentions an inch being critical somewhere…)

    (2) What is the game effect of a single large tree on the field. Is it just for aesthetic purposes?

    (3) Charging to close attack from within forests. This is allowed? How about charging into a forest to engage ?

    Many thanks in advance.


    woods are rough terrain for movement and dense terrain for LOS.

    1) In woods you can fire outside with -1 to hit. You can be fired from outsid with -1 to hit.
    If you are in woods but on the edge (50%+1 of models is in touching of dense terrain boundary) you can shot outside without malus but you can riferd from outside with -1 to hit

    2) In main rulebook this is not explicitly treated. Somebody give cover for a small 2 models team. But from rulebook we have to use real LOS, so it depends on the size of the trunk. For example: I have 2 models team and one is covered by a tree and other no beacuse it is firing, then there isn’t cover because only 50% are in cover (we need 50%+1).
    So, I think that a standard tree can give cover to only a single model unit, not to a 2 models team or more.

    3) You can assault in CCQ a unit in forest, but you have to enter in rough terrain, so you can do it only with an advance order, not a run order.
    From ruleboook “…Whenever the assault of the enemy has gone across obstacles or ROUGHT GROUND, thus being shortened to
    6”, or when the defender is being fought across an obstacle as described above, the defender has the advantage of readying themselves for the onslaught and place a few blows of their own as the enemy makes its way across the terrain.
    This means that the attackers’ normal advantage of going first is cancelled…”

    Stuart Harrison

    It’s really up to you and your opponent to define things with terrain.

    You can define a group of trees as “dense terrain”, for example, in which case you can see into it but not through to units on the other side, or you might decide they’re fairly open and still true LOS.


    Basically, in Bolt Action terrain is what you see is what you get… sort of. Really, it is more about what the players agree upon.

    Remember that at the beginning of the game and before deploying forces, all terrain is defined by you and your opponent. That is, what is soft or hard cover, rough ground, blocks line of sight, impassable terrain, and so on. You can even have a large patch of terrain with patches of dense terrain inside. See dense terrain on page 52. These can be stand alone or patches within other terrain. It is all up to you and your opponent. Also have a look at cover on page 57. Again, it is all up to you and your opponent. I have one friend that likes to say that hedges are soft cover, but if LOS crosses two intervening hedges, then it becomes hard cover.

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