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    I have always been interested in the North African front of world war 2. Warlord Games’ plastic british and commonwealth kits are good value for money besides being nice miniatures. So I decided to start a small project – a small force for Bolt Action. The game does not require a large number of troops (unlike pike and shotte and Hail Caesar), and have some friends who play the game – one has Germans, one has Italians, and another has Americans. So Brits for me, though I’m still keeping an eye on Warlord’s promise of a release of plastic Italians soon.

    I assembled and painted my first squad – Australians. I took extra time for painting them, especially the flesh and basing, which I had to change the colour because I didn’t like the way they were turning up. Veterans would have had darker skin, so the skin is a bit lighter than it should have been. Also, most probably they would have worn helmets in battle, but hats make them more recognisable during a game.

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    Greg S

    They are very nice indeed.

    Dr Dave

    Lovely Aussies.

    Charge The Guns

    Superb! A very nice paint job indeed. All with the bayonets fixed, so Dr. Dave will be happy 😉

    invisible officer

    Nice tea drinking guys.

    Marc Titley

    Very nicely done.

    Stuart Harrison

    Fantastic work – when I get around to my Aussies I hope they’re somewhere near half as good!

    One detail you may want to take another look at – the Lee Enfields appear to be painted metal on top, they should have full length wooden hand guards.
    SMLE pic


    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Enfield rifles modified accordingly – thanks Stuart 😉

    Lieutenant next in line……


    Lieutenant and attendant done. Used the commonwealth box for both of them.

    Joakim Nyberg

    Looks nice buddy 😀 Keep em coming


    Thanks Joakim!

    Light mortar team added, this time Indians.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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