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    Hello fellows/comrades/ol’-chaps/etc.!

    I want to know if it would be possible to try introducing Bolt Action with all small 1/72 scale troopers and tanks for my oldman?

    He pretty much was the one who introduced me into building and painting model kits from where I later on got into tabletop wargames, and in past year he has been pondering if there was actually any wargames what could be played with those 1/72 scale models we have got piled in boxes upon boxes (for mother’s annoyance).


    So in short; ”Is playing BA in 1/72 scale good or stupid idea?”

    richard zamudio

    Not that I am expert on Bolt Action, quite the contrary! However, I see nothing wrong with you doing Bolt Action in 1/72. As the figure/vehicles are smaller, you may want to fiddle with the ranges/movement speeds. My thought would be to play on a 4/6 table and keep the range/speed the same. It would give the range/speed  a  more “realistic” feel. Go for it!



    so all I’ll need to adjust will be the movement ranges.

    I got one time given a tip for basing 1/72 infantry onto washer/slug/tray/clout/medal (or is the correct word for the thing in English something like ”spacer” or ”socket”) one can buy cheap for a pouch of 100-200 pieces. Not sure if he meant M6 or M10 in machine engineering language…

    For movement adjustment I bet it will be somewhat either halved, or 2/3rd of the originalmovement scores.

    Stuart Harrison

    One common conversion is simply to use centimetres instead of inches for smaller scales – alternatively you can leave the measurements alone and enjoy a slightly less crowded looking table.



    @SenInt – washer / spacer would be the correct term..

    As an aside 1/72 is pretty much 20mm scale.


    @Nat Thanks. It’s not easy to find correct English terms/words for things what have no (direct from English) loan words (I am from Finland).

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    You could use the same scale for 20mm if you want or you could reduce the scale to 2/3 normal for 20mm, works well with the Imperial system since most of the ranges are multiples of 6.  Should translate well to centimeters as 6 inches is just over 15 cm so reducing it by 2/3 to 10 cm or @4 inches would be 2/3.  If you play on a 4×6 foot table it would allow a little more maneuver and you might want to extend the scenario length from the normal 6 to 8 turns or increase the size of the deployment zones from the normal 12 inches to 18.


    I’ve recently started alternative armies for BA in 15mm. (using Flames of War figs).  Base them on metal washers as it stops them falling over.  I went for 15mm diameter. 10mm bases won’t fit on some of the smaller figures built in bases, and 20mm just leaves them looking too spread out. For a mortar or MMG team, I base them all on 1 regular BA single-man base.

    Just convert all inches to cm, as others said. That is all.

    What you can do well is get more into vehicle-heavy platoons, as in  Tank War,  as there is just much more space, and small vehicles are cheap and easy to paint.



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