• Thanks, tried searching for mortar in the forum but got no results.  Now I need to decide if I want to use them in an upcoming local game store tourney or use my soviets.

  • The description of the squad from the Armies of Japan book states

    ” …  The Type B’ grenadier infantry squad was composed of 16 men: an NCO (usually a corporal or Go-Cho) armed with a rifle or (rarely) a submachine gun, and 15 riflemen armed with Asikara Type 38 or 39 rifles. Additionally, three riflemen carried the famous knee mortar.  ……[Read more]

  • You could use the same scale for 20mm if you want or you could reduce the scale to 2/3 normal for 20mm, works well with the Imperial system since most of the ranges are multiples of 6.  Should translate well to centimeters as 6 inches is just over 15 cm so reducing it by 2/3 to 10 cm or @4 inches would be 2/3.  If you play on a 4×6 foot table it w…[Read more]

  • Ken replied to the topic Japanese starting set in the forum Bolt Action 2 years, 12 months ago

    The flame thrower/sniper is definitely a must if you will do any tournament play, almost always see one in tourney lists.

    The tank hunters depend on whether or not you want the ATR team, you can make the suicide man from the standard infantry unit, I did one with the tank mine on the flagpole and two others with satchel charges.  You’ll want at…[Read more]

  • Finishing up the last squad on my russians, primered them yesterday and will start painting today.  They were the toughest set I’ve put together thus far, fighting to get the arms and weapons to work together resulted in glue all over some figures.  Often took several tries to get things positioned to where I was happy with them.  I ended up ha…[Read more]

  • I have previously built Japanese and USMC armies.  With no one in the group having Soviets I decided to build a Soviet Army.

    The Marines and Japs were pretty easy to get together, many of the figures I used arms with weapons attached, only had problems with the LMG and BAR figures.

    With the Soviets you have to attach each arm and the weapon…[Read more]