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    I have previously built Japanese and USMC armies.  With no one in the group having Soviets I decided to build a Soviet Army.

    The Marines and Japs were pretty easy to get together, many of the figures I used arms with weapons attached, only had problems with the LMG and BAR figures.

    With the Soviets you have to attach each arm and the weapon separately and I’m having a difficult time figuring out which arms go with which figures and weapons.

    The sheet calls them rifle arms, carry arms, ppsh41 arms but there are no ATR or LMG arms.

    Very frustrating with no instructions or even suggestions on how to assemble, the weapons and tanks have instructions but no help with the infantry.

    Tried duplicating the figures as shown on the box and the website, what I thought was used just doesn’t seem to work, either the weapons don’t fit or the arms don’t sit right on the body.

    Tried searching the internet, lots of help on painting and videos on unboxing but nothing on how to assemble.

    Got a good deal on the Starter Army but just about ready to forget the whole idea.

    Nigel Heather

    The ATR rifle arms are called out – they are part number 14.

    You are correct about the LMG though, from memory I used the rifle arms – but I do prefer not to use prone figures so I tend to have my LMGs being carried or being fired from the hips.  But I have done some prone LMGs.

    The prone ATG arms (14) may also work for the LMG.



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    Jim Ripley

    As Nigel says , parts 14 are the arms for the AT rifle . The right holds the pistol style grip and the left is braced on the ground . I found all the rifle arms work with the LMG as it’s the same length as the rifles so the hands are in the right places .  Personally the Russians are my favorite plastic set as the kit bash potential is  fantastic with number of arms included in the set . Just make sure to put the quilted arms on the quilted bodies ……..


    Finishing up the last squad on my russians, primered them yesterday and will start painting today.  They were the toughest set I’ve put together thus far, fighting to get the arms and weapons to work together resulted in glue all over some figures.  Often took several tries to get things positioned to where I was happy with them.  I ended up having to clean them with Goo Gone to get rid of the excess glue and then dishwasher soap and water to get rid of that before painting them.   Still not happy with the fit of weapons and shoulder position on many of the figures but at least I’m just about done.

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