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    Both regular British Line Infantry and KGL Line infantry are 39pts (AT1 pp  100,102, 104). British Lights are 42pts vs 43pts for their dashing Hannovarian counterparts, which also have rifle mixed order capability (pp 100, 102, 103). Note that the Portuguese Cacadores cost 52 points (better stats).

    By Waterloo, those KGL light batallions had up to 50% rifles (fire as rifles in skirmish, muskets in close formation) ?

    Black Powder 2 quietly dropped the points system altogether – just shoot at those damned French to your hearts content!

    I have often thought that the Baker might better be modeled as a rifled Carbine (with perhaps a +1 shooting modifier not at close range?), rather than a rifled  Musket (such as the Harper’s Ferry M1803

    Black Powder rules do not really go into that level of detail.

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    @ArtfulB….Albion Triumphant 2 pg 105 – KGL LINE have rifle mixed formation and are 40 pts

    The KGL light battalions also have the same rule BUT are equiped with rifles so is pointless & NOT charged (i’ve done a breakdown of the points… they are costed for having rifles across the board)

    Stefan Hückelheim

    Thank you very much for your quick answers.

Viewing 3 posts - 271 through 273 (of 273 total)
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