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    Hello. I am Sam Wilson from Wildwood Crest, NJ. I am a member of the South Jersey Gamers Association which meets every second Saturday at the Cape May County Courthouse Senior Center for a day of wargaming. I sometimes host Bolt Action or K47 games from time-to-time. My focus is the WWII China-Burma-India Theater, usually Merrill’s Marauders’ campaigns. These scenarios require U.S., British, Ghurka, Chindit, Nationalist Chinese (I use modified Nisei), and Japanese forces. Adding K47 into the mix, lends variety to tactical planning and playing. If there are any ideas or thoughts in this area of game focus, please share them. I would be interested.


    Bob R

    Bob, 52, Dallas Texas.

    Where did the name Blood Red Skies come from? I’m currently enjoying the Judas Priest track of the same name and wondering if Andy is a fan?


    Ian Titler

    Hi, my name is Ian, 64, married disabled and living happily in Shropshire. I got into wargaming with 40k as an excuse to buy more models, then Dust, finally Bolt Action and K47. I’m interested in Gates of Antares, didn’t get on with Blood Red Skies, looking forward to trying Cruel Seas.
    Been a bad year for my wargaming, lost my car after being PiP assessed (appeal pending for months), then various health issues keep stopping me attending. Blown cartilage in one knee, infected foot since June, acquired a motorcycle to go then weather turned against me. Hoping Cruel Seas will see in a new year of regular gaming.


    Joe Leonard

    Hi, everyone! Joe Leonard from Houston, Texas. Retired Coast Guard Commander (very excited about the Coast Guard sub chaser in Cruel Seas!). Member of the Houston Beer and Pretzels Wargames Club and the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society. Looking forward to getting these ships painted up and striking out on the Cruel Seas.


    Ian Titler

    Hi Joe, just painting up my British/German starter set, I have another 4 British MTB’s and 4 german S boats, planning on doing mostly british, have ordered a destroyer to go with the MTB’s. As the German S boats come in the starter may play them rather than play blue on blue, looks a great game.




    My name is Sandy Addison. Long time table top gamer and independent author. I wrote the Canadian Army narrative in Konflikt ’47 Defiance, and I’ve also written a Novella set in the Konflikt universe. Called Seaforth’s Ladies it is available in both paper-book and eBook formats



    Hi Russell live Southern Tasmania
    Play BA when can have
    US Army plus Air Borne, Germans, Australian North Africa also Polish Home Army


    Ian Titler

    Hi Russell, I’m in Shropshire, UK (close to smack in the middle)I mostly play BA and K47, British, British Paras, though I have some Chindits and just started on 8th Army.
    I also have a few German Fallschirmjager in case I get stuck playing an allied player.



    Location: Knoxville, TN

    Warlord Games Played:
    Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, Test of Honor(Honour…)

    Will be picking up Erehwon,as I like Fantasy more than historic (though will will happily play any miniatures games from 6mm to 1:1 scale…)

    Would be great if someone(else) would compile a username to location list…


    Shaun Daly

    Greetings everyone.
    I am from Shropshire in the UK. Getting a bit long in the tooth agewise, but I am looking forward to Erewhon, I loved the look of the models.
    I am a long time wargamer & boardgamer, moved into video games, then discovered Warlord games & its renewed my interest in tabletop.
    I am currently writing a fantasy novel of all things. Might post some for your opinion if there’s an off topic forum.


    Layth AL-Najjar

    Yo peeps,

    I’m Layth AL-Najjar, though I prefer the use of my handle. I live in Yorkshire, UK and I’m very new to the hobby. I’ve never particularly bought or played any wargames, though I’m looking to change that in the new year. Very big into role playing, story telling, zines and music.

    I’ve taken a big plunge and pre-ordered the eponymous Warlords of Erehwon as soon as it went up. These skelingtons shall be my new year’s project. I even have a brilliant story for them.




    Based in Aberdeenshire. Play a variety of games including BA (have soviet, American and German armies) out with that X-Wing, variety of “oldhammer” games workshop games and a few other bits and bobs.


    Must Contain Minis

    Hi everyone,

    I am Jacob from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I am a huge fan of Warlord games and love checking out there stuff.

    I actively collect Bolt Action and have British, German and American Armies.

    I also run a website where I look at various games by companies outside of GW. Stories about Bolt Action are a big part of the site. It can be found at…



    Hello everyone, I’ Aleksander and come from Warsaw, Poland. I’m newbie in war gaming. Now I collect Bolt Action. Belgian Army is under construction and the next will be very late German.
    I expect also to start with Pike and Shotte.

    I am going to move into new town near the German-Polish border, so I am looking for the players in these two countries.


    Robert Isenberg

    Hi I’m Robert (Beast)
    it has been a while since I played minitures(usually WW2 naval or ground)
    I run the gambit of also playing rpgs,and board games

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