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    Brendan Brasel

    Hey everyone,

    My names Brendan. Im from Missouri and play BA, Test of Honor, and am just starting Cruel Seas.


    Hey Everyone,

    I’ve just moved to Nottingham and play the following games:

    Bolt Action – I have US and German armies
    Blackpowder – I have an infantry brigade of Napoleonic British 28mm – I’m also painting British and French 15mm armies.
    I’m keen on trying blood red skies, Test of honour and cruel seas so if there is anyone in Nottingham who plays these systems let me know!



    The Eccentric Man

    Hi, Ken here from the YouTube Channel The Eccentric Man. Been wargaming since the 70’s from Historical through to Fantasy. Last few years concentrating on Bolt Action and now paddling in the Cruel Seas

    Ian Titler

    Hi Ken. I started back into scale modelling after becoming disabled in the late 1990’s. I began wargaming (40kk) to give me an excuse to buy more models, I enjoy making and painting them as much as using them.
    I went from 40k (fed up with having to move everything every turn) to Dust, to Bolt Action and K47. Currently also exploring Cruel Seas with an interest in Bloodbowl.

    Darrin Zielinski

    Hello all. Darrin here (aka DZ Sabre on YouTube/Facebook). I have been wargaming for over 35 years and been playing Bolt Action since 2017. By far my favorite game.

    I am a long time scale modeler and military historian so I really get into the details of the armies and equipment. My focus is on the Polish armies throughout the war though as I am trying to encourage Bolt Action in my area, I am starting to grow a German army so I can hold demo events.

    Hoping to get my wife into the terrain building side of the hobby with MDF buildings but we will see.

    My YouTube channel will start to have Bolt Action Batreps this year but two of my main focuses are model building/painting and military strategy. I am also trying my hand at writing historical articles about WW2 topics.

    Eric Fontaine

    @ Darrin, make sure to share some links of your battle reports and lets see if we can get them on the WG pages with your permission. We look forward to some epic vids!


    Here comes a newbie to this kind of wargaming.
    I am a devoted Wings of Glory and X-Wing Miniatures player, but historical w-gaming with minis is a terra incognita (excluding figure-like boardgames of C&C which is my favourite, yet different kind, I know).
    On the other hand glueing and painting minis is my all time hobby. No fear of tons of plastic to deal with. Just wow!
    Moreover, I have a buddy gamer who loves wargames of all kinds and we used to play a battle or two at least once a week (mostly Commands & Colors type).
    The Starter Set For King and the Countrry just hit my door and so the fun shall begin:).

    Giorgos Zannis

    Hello everyone,I am Tank276.
    I am pretty seasoned in painting warhammer 40k and I decided to move into Bolt Action.
    Unfortunately we have no retail stores here in Greece so my brother will order two sets for me to start.
    I want 1 German and 1 Allied and I am thinking of going Waffen SS and British 8th Army.

    Darrin Zielinski

    Will do. Here is the first one but where is the best place to share these videos? You have blanket permission to share my videos on the WG pages.



    I have been building vehicles (and a number of figures) for a number of years.

    My interest here are:
    Bolt Action

    Opel Blitz

    Marder III

    Konflikt ’47

    Beyond The Gates of Antares

    And occasionally other things…

    I sometimes babble on a bit (as Warlord’s regional rep found last December in The Gameskeeper – sorry about that).

    Tom Oxley

    New to the forum but I’ve been a miniatures and board gamer since ’74. I am looking forward to getting Cruel Seas and have been reading up on the history of small vessel combat. I live in Dayton, Ohio and run games at several regional HMGS conventions.

    General Greybeard

    Good day. I am General Greybeard. I live in London Ontario Canada. My sons invited me into table top war games. My interest is Black Powder, both 1st and 2nd editions. I have several brigades of Scottish Highlander figures from the Napoleonic wars. My main interest is the War of 1812. The area I focus on are the battles in Ontario.My figures are 28mm.


    While I’ve only been playing Bolt Action/Konflikt ’47 for a month, I’ve been playing wargames for about sixteen years on and off. Besides BA/K47 I currently play Warmachine, but also formerly WH Fantasy, WH 40k, and a smaller game called Freeblades.

    I’m working on a German force, and picking up about 500 points of US in order to make a small platoon I can use to run demo games with at a couple shops nearby.

    I particularly enjoy painting my models, and would consider my pieces to be of a pretty solid tabletop quality. Playing painted feels fantastic, and really ups the immersion level of the game, in my opinion.

    Sergei S

    Hi. Our group in RI started playing CS, looks like I will be painting Soviets for the game. I will post my impressions so far on the game in a separate post… Used to play Bolt Action, possibly group will go back to it. Gaming all sorts of miniature based games, but not Warlord ones.


    Hello there!
    I’m a big Rick Priestley fan trying to boost Erehwon here in Madrid, Spain, where there’s already a good Bolt Action fan base. I play Bolt Action regularly and Kings of War every now and then, although I find it a bit dull lately, and I never play to win but for the joy of it. My win/loss ratio must be horrible but I couldn’t care less! I’m also trying to play Hail Caesar but it seems Spaniards prefer more competitive-play oriented rulesets (idk, Impetus, DBA, that sort of game).

    I’m thinking about painting the Spanish Blue Division (Spanish filo-fascist anticommunist volunteers in the Wehrmacht) or the Spanish La Nueve, the first allied unit to enter Paris in 1944 (Spanish Civil War veterans in exile who fought with american equipment under French command in the Leclerc Division). I find both stories most interesting.

Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 223 total)
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