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    Hello people,

    The Bren Carrier (Universal Carrier) has a capacity of 5 to transport.

    The original purpose of the UC was to carry specialist teams – specifically the Vickers teams.

    I was watching a Bolt Action battle report and the player had two UCs for a 10-man squad – the one squad split across two vehicles.

    I’ve had a look for some specifics, but I can’t find how the UC is supposed to be used in a Bolt Action context.

    I’d be happy to hear what others do with their PCs.





    There is an optional rule for units of troop transports

    Its found in appendix 2, Large Games – cant give you the page number as I’m looking at a printed to pdf version of the ebook on my pc…

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    Check out the tread “Transport Vehicles” for a recent discussion on this.

    Eric T Holmes

    I tend to use the UC Bren Carrier as a weapons mount and thus only have a crew of three in the vehicle – Driver, Gunner, Assistant Gunner.  Now, I made my carriers convertible over three armies, Canadian/US, German (obviously a captured vehicle) and, Soviet.  Both the Canadian/US and the Soviet are machine gun carriers.  Heavy and medium respectively.  The German is a Panzerfaust carrier, up to three Panzerfaust weapons, and jam packed with 10 panzerfaust weapons, enough for every soldier in a German squad.  The key is “carrier.”  The weapons cannot be fired from the Carrier.  I need to verify that there was a MG42 in the front.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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