• I’ll pass that along. As weird as it sounds, the NZ community for Street Fighter is quite tight.

    I have a YouTube channel (which includes a few episodes on Street Fighter Miniatures Game) and a TV show that does an episode each season (now my third season) on the game.

    Happy to promote your store.



  • YES!!!

    Who are going to be the stockists in Australia/New Zealand.

    I have been promoting this game for years and I absolutely love it.

    The app to keep track of the dials and also sounds to compliment the game are available via Mike Glasswall (also someone who has been promoting the game from the get go).


    This is good news.



  • Hello people,

    The Bren Carrier (Universal Carrier) has a capacity of 5 to transport.

    The original purpose of the UC was to carry specialist teams – specifically the Vickers teams.

    I was watching a Bolt Action battle report and the player had two UCs for a 10-man squad – the one squad split across two vehicles.

    I’ve had a look for some…[Read more]