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    Paradox 01

    You do not just pay for the p/p but also the handling. The work with a single decal sheet takes nearly the same time a 10 item order takes.

    No offense, but that’s just patently false. All you need to do for a decal sheet is place it in an envelope and slap on a shipping label. Your “10 item order” takes more effort than that. You have to select the right size box based on the dimensions of the 10 items. Then build the box. Then put the items in the box with appropriate packing material (one company I know of uses local newspapers brought in by employees in order to cut costs and therefore S&H charges). Tape the box. Apply shipping label.

    So, all told S&H is cheaper for a decal sheet than any ten “normal” items. It’s cheaper to package because there’s less physical packaging and less time-consuming to do so, and it’s smaller and lighter – and therefore cheaper – to ship. The only reason for high minimum S&H costs is to encourage customers to spend more on product, therefore getting more bang for their buck with the S&H.

    Many of us have special wishes and xpect a big mail order company to work on same principles the local shop can offer.

    Absolutely. If anyone, they should have the resources. Any decent company that produces goods for sale grows their customer service department proportionate to the rest of the company.

    Worst are the high expectations in rule questions. Most of the authors are no paid employees. If you ask Warlord or in Forum what one was meaning with a wording , that’s optimistic. It might never reach him. Some expect that in buying a book they also bought the lifetime of the author. But most have a real life beside writing. Jobs, a family. Even other hobbies.

    Again, you’re acting like customer expectations are unreasonable. If the situation you described is true, then that needs to change. I know, because I used to write for a gaming company*. True, I didn’t owe my “lifetime” to the customers, but I did have an obligation to write rules that were as clear and concise as possible. And we had editors, as in more than one. At least six pairs of eyes read over rules section after the author had turned them in for review. And even THEN, rules were never 100% clear to 100% of the people. In that case, we released regular FAQs and Errata. We understood it was our obligation to follow up with customers’ ability to understand the rules as intended.

    *Side Note: I also was not a full-time employee of the company, I was a contributing author. For a good portion of my time with the company, I was Active Duty US Army deployed to Iraq.

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    invisible officer

    To grow the non profit making service staff sounds nice, from asking  customer’s view. But someone has to pay for it.”Free” is not really free. We all pay for it.


    The profit rate in books is not high.

    In a good organised depot collecting the stuff is fast. Selecting / Building a box are seconds. (I did so decades ago in a company mail department,   hundreds in many sizes, university study rest of time) The computer gives the list of 10 parts in same time he needs for one. Same with check of payment procedure.

    And naturally a company wants the customers to buy more. Sponsoring larger orders,


    And the authors. “If the situation you described is true, then that needs to change. ”  OK, but do peoples want to pay for it?  In producing a Campaign book the author get’s a payment that is little more than paying his costs.  One author is an active RN Officer. A full time job. For weeks there is no time left for answers.  (Even contact with the friends takes a longer time) And  new projects will take the spare time left by family.

    The historical background consultants get a free copy of the book and no payment but a free model as reward. Giving them a per hour “payment”  for scientific work far under 1 pound. They do it as hobby and for friendship with the author. So some books are done without the French and German scientific experts, one reason for some xxxxxxxx. Nothing better than direct access to the original archive material.


    One might replace the peoples by paid full time authors. Increasing the price a lot. But getting peoples without the love for the topic. In worst case no wargamers. So the answers might be disap……….


    The editors have a hard job, bringing the different author products into a line. Not ever resulting in 100 %.


    Alan Hamilton

    I converted both a Panzerscreck and a Flamethrower for my son’s Germans.  Both weapons were made from scrap plastic, paper, card and wire.  Not as hard as you might think.

    Alan Hamilton

    I built this Panzerschreck  from plastic figures, wire, card and scrap plastic.  Mine are not brilliant but they look OK to me.

    And a flamethrower

    Master Chief
    Master Chief

    Frontline Games sells resin German weapons packs (see links below).

    German Weapons Pack 3

    German Tank Hunters weapons

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