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    Snipers can hit the mortar tube and disable it or the MG’s receiver and disable it.  I just look at it that way plus the odds of a sniper actually doing that in a game depends entirely on the quality of the MMG or Mortar team in question.  I mean against a veteran MMG team he needs a 3+ at least to hit, and a 5+ to kill.  Changing this ability me…[Read more]

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    Pink with a Hello Kitty on the seat would be my personal choice.  But most would have been some shade of olive – yellowish brown.  I would probably mix them up between olive and yellowish brown.  I like varying shades same with infantry I paint them with speed paints but I undercoat them in different colors.  This sort of offsets the toy look IMH…[Read more]

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    If a sniper can hit a helmet he can hit a MG receiver or a mortar tube is the way I see it.  Also while it may be a huge threat against a 2+ company spam list full of inexperienced teams.  Against regular or veteran teams their track record is poor.
    Transports are fine 2 guys in a half track though aren’t going to hang out while enemies approach t…[Read more]

  • I prefer a good cleanup of currently abused mechanics rather than any sweeping changes.  Example waiting to the end of the turn to give a fire order to a tank in order to fire the pintle mount without suffering the open top penalty is a bit too gamey.  If it fires the pintle mount it should remain open topped until it’s next activation, and not j…[Read more]

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    Hi I’m Jim from North Mississippi.  I’ve been playing Bolt Action on and off since 1st edition some years ago.  Soviets, American Para’s, Germans 21st Panzer late war, Italian Airborne player.

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