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    1. Weapons teams. Absolutely ridiculous that …

    We really like the Exceptional Damage as outlined in detail on page 58 of the rule book. It just works as a simple game mechanic for playing the game. However, what seems to upset you is that Sniper teams seem too powerful for what they are. Well, we agree with you on that aspect. To fix this, snipers need to be tweaked. What’s the best way to do this? Well, good question, and there are a few different ways people have suggested.

    Suggestion: Snipers already have a nice ability to ignore all negative to-hit modifiers – except for its own pins and last man in team penalties. What we can do is that we just simply remove the “always counts as exceptional damage” ability. It works great! Also, we have been playing around with replacing the “always counts as exceptional damage” with “As normal, a unit takes one pin if hit at by a sniper, but takes one additional pin if the unit is damaged (takes a casualty) by the sniper team.”

    2. Indirect fire. There needs to be a token placed for…

    There is no 2″ walking the shot for indirect fire. Refer to page 71 “Indirect fire” in the rule book for more details.

    3. Transports. Why exactly is a powerful armored carrier with a machine gun …

    You will find your answer in detail on pages 114 to 115 of the rule book under “Role of Transports”. It is a simple game mechanic that works very well and does a good job at capturing the situation in an easy way without a lot of additional rules.


    My comments Ideas.
    Snipers – The issue with snipers is mainly their ability to one shot teams (Mortar / MG Particularly). As simple solution that could be errata’d would be simply to give team members individual weapons so each man has “rifle or pistol as modelled (assume pistol if none obvious on model)”. Yes now you’ve lost you MG / Mortar but you at least have a small team that can do something. Can only fire personal weapons or the Team weapon (Techically this would allow them to advance and fire a rifle or pistol but I dont think that would unbalance or be a major prob)

    Infantry MMGs generally being Meh. Make them inflict a further 1 or D3 pins if they cause a casualty on a unit. This reflects their actual use in supression and area denial.

    Transports – Personally dont see much wrong with MGs on transports and how they work. Transports are pretty vulnerable so it can be countered. Would like to see options for more LMGs rather than just MMGs as many / most pics I’ve seen of certainly British Trucks thay have Brens not MMGs. As for the disappearing at end of turn is closest unit is an enemy, I quite like this though think there should be a range (Prob or 18 or 14″) to it. i.e. if nearest unit is enemy by 40″ away thats fine.

    “I’d make it – If the vehicle doesn’t have a advance or run order then the firing unit applies a +1 to the hit roll”. I like this though think it should / must only apply to main guns not every bleedin MG on the things otherwise you’ve just further buffed the Dakka Stuarts of this game.




    If a sniper can hit a helmet he can hit a MG receiver or a mortar tube is the way I see it.  Also while it may be a huge threat against a 2+ company spam list full of inexperienced teams.  Against regular or veteran teams their track record is poor.
    Transports are fine 2 guys in a half track though aren’t going to hang out while enemies approach them without support.  If they were ambushed while waiting somewhere it would be different but there is no fog of war.  So it’s simple enemy closer than friendly equals the 2 guys in the half track bugout.
    As for tanks I wouldn’t mess with them.  I would however add a rule that all HE causes pins to the target even if they miss based on the size of the HE.  1 pin for 1 – 2″ HE, D3 for 3″ HE, and D3+1 for 4″ template weapons.  For tanks this would work out just like normal for determining whether or not they take pins based on if the weapon can hurt them, and their experience level in determining that.

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