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  • 1. Yes initiative moves are automatic but they must be done before you start issuing orders. (p.32)

    2. Only the losers take a break test. The winners simply ignore the excess casualties and they are removed. (p.71-2).

    3. This rule of not firing if you have moved more than once was introduced in the First Argument of Kings as being particularly…[Read more]

  • The 3 pdrs are probably better as battalion guns with the 6 pounders being  light field guns (BP2 calls them horse artillery). Having said that I play 15mm and increase all artillery ranges by 25%.



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    I use BP for historical scenarios and if set up care, it works well. However I prefer to use 15mm figures which increases the area represented on the table. The full points system is explained in the first edition of the rules but not in the second edition. This link shows one example of my games LINK

  • We have to apply the main rules to the sub commander situation. So when a sub commander fails an order he can give no further orders this turn, but the brigade commander can continue giving orders.

    To understand this it is important to remember than the late Prussian Brigades were the size of other nation’s Divisions, which would have 3 or 4 …[Read more]

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    The benefit being that the Howitzer hit is -2 to the morale save of the target regardless of range. Your suggestion is an interesting one but the morale save effect is based on the fire of a whole battery of howitzers. So I am not sure I would use it. Looking at the statistics the benefit of the howitzer is within the D6 variability, which is…[Read more]

  • Presumably you are talking about Clash of Eagles; these companies are 3pdr guns with a range of just 24 inches which is worth 8 points, the close combat is 1 point, the morale 6 points and the stamina 4 points. The text also says that the shooting stats would be 2/2/1 rather than 3/2/1. This is also for 6 guns – a 2 gun section would be different.